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The Capture of Bigfoot -”A story so amazing it can only be true!”
No facts or proof or anything… it’s true because it’s “amazing?”

Link: 31 Scary Movies in October Ritual


"31 Scary Movies in October Ritual" with Alicia

2 movies in one day? What what?!!

Movie #4: Werewolf (MST3K Edition)


Alicia and I watch this all freaking year, but after watching The Phantom of the Opera, we needed a laugh.

What works: EVERYTHING This is one of…



Beyond Belief by Rahzzah
Who cares what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

Need to get caught up on Thrilling Adventure Hour and the adventures of Frank and Sadie Doyle before The Great Wits/Thrilling Adventure Hour Crossover Show? Do so. You will be in love.

As a long-time fan of old radio shows… this is one of my favorite podcasts.


The Snorkel -”Teen-age girl… vs. killer-with-a-gimmick!”
The nature of the gimmick will probably determine who comes out on top.If the killer’s gimmick is a snorkel, I’m betting on the girl.

Space Raiders -”He’s ten years old and they’ve taken him ten million miles into space.”
Sure-fire box office success of science fiction and irresponsible parenting, don’t fail us now!

Escape by Night -”A Blast of Drama When a City Mob Hides Out in the Country!”
Drama comes out in blasts?Should they open a window after they let one out?

Titanic 2 -”They said it couldn’t happen twice…”
And it didn’t. There wasn’t a second Titanic.You do realize you’ve made the unnecessary sequel to a movie about an actual, historical event, don’t you?

High School Big Shot -”The kid who showed the big time how!”
Um… tagline… I think you’re missing a few words at the end there.Showed them how to… what?

Laserbast -”Billy was a kid who got pushed around… Then he found the power”
What’d he do?  Become a cop?
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