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The Grand Theft -”Easy money was never so hard”
That’s because “hard” is the one thing easy money is not, by its very definition.

Coast to Coast -”Either way, he’ll get it in the end.”
Which do you think came first: the rapey shotgun on the cover or the “get it in the end” tagline copy?

A Stranger Is Watching -“Beneath New York’s Grand Central Station a killer can hide, victims can disappear… and a million witnesses will never know it happened.”
You don’t know what a “witness” is, do you?



We’re Scientists, not people who can examine every variable of a phenomenon to determine an accurate understanding of a specific event!

Paratroop Command -”Kids living to the deadly thrill of jump and kill!”
The graphics say “boots in the mud, can-do G.I.s,”but the tagline says “Russ Meyer trashy biker teens!”

College Kickboxers -”The toughest lessons they learned were outside of school.”
So what you’re saying is: Liberal arts degrees take less of a toll than regular, brutal beatings.

Highballin’ -”Truckin’ is one thing, High-Ballin’ is another, and they way they do it is something else!”
What is like or unlike which that is done like something else?I think I now know less than I did before I read this tagline.

Night Games -”BARDOT… DENEUVE… FONDA… ROGER VADIM exposed them all to the world. And now he has discovered a new star, Cindy Pickett- a woman of the 80s- in a new American film that is elegant, erotic, and explicitly free…”
Maybe free was the wrong way to go…though even if the movie made money, I doubt we’d remember Picket the way we remember Bridget Bardot.
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